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How the Actions work

In the analytics page with "Questions" selected in the upper right corner, you can find the Actions tab. By clicking on this you will be given a few options: 

  • Save view: By choosing this one you will be able to save the current view, meaning the filters and search terms you have added. By saving a view you can easily access the same view later on, without having to add the same filters again. 

  • Load view: When loading the view you will be shown the previously saved view mentioned above. 

  • Expand all questions: Expand all questions in one click to get to the root of your feedback for further analyses. 

  • Collapse all questions: Collapse all the questions back to summary mode. 

  • Download PDF: Download a printable and shareable PDF of all the results according to the search terms you have added.

  • Satisfaction report PDF: Download a satisfaction report containing your NPS and/or SCAT score to then share and print. 

  • Share results: You can share your results through a link to anyone who isn't a Feedbackly users. After choosing to share you will be given options to choose the results that you would like to share. More on this can be found in this article. 

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