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How to add metadata to your surveys

With Feedbackly you can add metadata to the feedback you collect. This will help you segment feedback, identify users with their id’s, add transaction details like sums; or whatever you can think of!


You can view individual metadata values in the Response list-tab in Analytics or filter and group by the values on the charts side.


How to add metadata to your surveys


Adding metadata to survey links


You can add metadata to survey links by adding key-value pairs to the end of the link.

Just add a “?_=” querystring parameter and add your key-value pairs by separating keys and values with a colon and different key-value pairs with a semicolon.





Original link:


Adding a customer_id to the link:


Adding a gender, product purchased and total sum to the link:;product:iPhone;sum:700

Adding metadata to a website survey widget


There is a javascript API for adding metadata to the survey.


Call the instance from your app/website with 

window.FBLY.addProperty("phone", "iPhone")

To remove a metadata value, call it with


Adding metadata via contact information for SMS and Email lists


Metadata can also be added beforehand when uploading contact information to SMS and Email lists.

In addition to required fields, any other column will be automatically treated as metadata. All respondents will receive unique links and their responses are automatically complemented with whatever data was uploaded in the contact list file.




Including customer id and gender to surveys a contact responds to

CSV example:




All metadata in this approach will be preserved safe inside Feedbackly’s database and they will not be exposed to the respondent.

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