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How to Publish a Survey to the Feedbackly App if you signed up via our website

If you signed up via our website:

1. Log in to your dashboard 

2. Click the 'Survey management' tab 

3. Select 'new survey' and name your survey 

4. Create your survey and click on "Launch Survey"

5. Under "Launch Survey In Touchpoint" select 'Feedback terminal'  

6. Click the green arrow in the lower dock indicating the next step. 

7. Under "Select Touchpoints" select your touchpoint (eg: Retail iPad) and click the green arrow.

8. Under "Survey Launch Schedule" choose if you want to launch the survey immediately or at a specific time.

Click 'publish settings' at the bottom of the screen. Write down the authorization code you see here 

7. Click 'review and confirmation' at the bottom of the screen 

8. Click 'launch now' 

9. Open the app and click on the "I already have an authorization code"

10. Enter the authorization code into the app and your survey will appear on your iPad ready to collect feedback

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