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Setting up the Web Widget triggering parameters

After you have created your survey and created/chosen the web-widget touchpoint you can start setting up the triggering parameters

Note that there is only one script tag per site. New surveys with different triggering options can be added without further changes to the website’s script.

1. Start of by specifying an internal name to identify this particular set of parameters and setting the domain for your survey. If you wish to add the survey to more than one domain, then add a new domain for each site. 

2. Choose how you wish to display your survey; corner window, popover window, embedded survey.

3. Choose the target pages from your site.

4. Choose the target audience: 

   - Percentage of website visitors to show the survey to (0-100%)

   - Visitor source and how many pages the visitor must have viewed before 

     the survey

   - Timing, page scroll and exit intent

5. Frequency on how often the survey should be shown

6. Survey active period where you can set the survey to end after a specific amount of feedbacks have been collected or set the survey to be shown only at a specific time period. 

Note that there are also advanced targeting triggers that can be set for example the visitor journey, browser, cookies etc. 

Forcing the language of the survey

If you want to force the language in the survey, you can do it programmatically by calling the Javascript API

FBLY.action("setLanguage", <language code>)


FBLY.action("setLanguage", "en") // English

FBLY.action("setLanguage", "fi") // Finnish

FBLY.action("setLanguage", "se") // Swedish

Note: Please make sure the script has properly loaded by calling 

FBLY.inited // returns true

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