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Email campaign setup

You can import a CSV or Excel list of emails and send a survey to their inbox immediately. The sender name, reply-to address, subject and message of the email can be customised and the first survey question will be embedded in the email. The respondent can answer the first question of the survey directly in the email, after which they will be directed to a  page where they can complete the survey

1. After you have created your survey (more information on survey creating can be found here) choose Email campaign to start setting up your survey sending as an email. 

2.  Move forward to the Options page, where you will set up the audience for your campaign. 

3. Start off with uploading your contacts (respondents) as an Excel or CSV file. The only required column is 'Email'. Note that you can save the uploaded list for later use by naming the contact list and clicking Save contacts

4. After uploading the contact list you can add the content to your email;

 - Sender name

 - Reply-to address

 - Email subject

 - Message content

The content shows in the preview as you fill in the information - so that you can have a look at all times what your email campaign will look like to the respondent. 

5. Note that after you have added the content you can save your template for later use. Save your template by clicking on the Save template button at the upper right side of the page. By doing this you can easily access the template by clicking Load a template. This will save you time and effort later on. 

6. Move forward to Launch schedule from the bottom part of the page when you are set with the content.

7. Choose if you wish to Launch immediately or Schedule to launch later. If you choose to launch immediately the last step is to have a look that everything is as it should on the Confirmation page after which you can move to the Launch page - and your survey will be sent. 

If you choose to schedule your campaign for later, please check out this article about the setting. 

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