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How to Change the Survey on your Feedbackly iPad App

To modify and update an existing survey follow these steps: 

1. In your dashboard, open the surveys section and edit the survey.

2. Launch the survey with the same settings (for example touchpoint or schedule). It will appear on your iPad App when the iPad is connected to the internet. 

If you want to create a new survey, you can simply publish it to the same touchpoint as the original survey and it will appear on your iPad when connected to Internet. Only one survey can be active in the a touchpoint at one time. 

How to add the same or different surveys on additional iPads: 

1. Download the App to your iPad 

2. Check the authorization code in the 'Touchpoint Management' tab of your dashboard.

3. Enter this authorization code into your iPad 

Repeat for every iPad you want to add a survey to.

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